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Statistics say that only each third bearing reaches the end of its estimated service life. Untimely breakdown of the other two bearings is connected to the mounting mistakes, poor lubrication choice or lubrication method, incorrect maintenance or operating regime trouble that lead to an emergency lockup of the machine or mechanism in which these bearings are installed.

Mounting, maintenance and operation of the bearing units are one of the most critical elements in the attainment of the maximum safety and ultimate life of the machines and mechanisms. It is very important to choose the correct way of the bearing mounting and to provide with the qualified maintenance. This can be achieved by using the corresponding professional mechanical and hydraulic tools, induction heaters and other accessories for the mounting and maintenance.

The more complicated, expensive and big machine or equipment you have, more attention shall be paid to the preventive maintenance. Regular preventive maintenance helps to avoid the unscheduled equipment downtime and its expensive repair works. At the same time it helps to proceed to the routine maintenance. The equipment (from the hand-held portable device to the stationary system of the real time collection and processing of the information) for technical condition diagnostics and monitoring is indispensable to control the condition of the bearing units.

The failsafe bearings operation is impossible without the appropriate lubrication that protects the bearings from wear and corrosion. To secure failure-free operation of the bearing unit it is very important to choose for each specific case the suitable lubricant and special lubricant equipment, which ensures its timely supply and correct coating method.

Having the modern data base, extensive technical knowledge, experienced personnel, developed connections with the suppliers, we can offer you the most appropriate types of the instruments, devices and equipment to provide you with the effective and failsafe operation of your machines and mechanisms.

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