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The construction of a up-to-date car is impossible without different units with the rotating parts, the operating capacity of which mainly depends on the rolling and sliding bearings. These are wheel hubs and саг gearboxes, cooling fluid pumps and fuel equipment, clutches and valve control mechanisms, suspension members and steering control gears, cardan shaft supports and axle drive gears, generators and air conditioners, fan and wiper electric motors, mirror and window raiser servo drives, and many many others.

Unfortunately the parts of any operating mechanism are subject to the wear and aging. It especially concerns the car parts, which under the exploitation are constantly in the extreme conditions caused by the law quality of the pavement, sharp temperature drops, atmospheric precipitations and many other factors. To maintain the constant operating capacity of a car, the used parts and units shall be changed or repaired..

At our stock we constantly keep and increase the wide range of the most various bearings for all the car units as well as of the hub and suspension repair kits, water pumps, idler and tightening rollers of the drive and V-belts and sealings for cars and trucks, buses and trailers, motorcycles and other vehicles of practically any producer and year of manufacture. All the offered parts are produced by the original suppliers to the automobile assembly-line productions. We also offer the instruments and plastic greases to serve the bearing units and mechanisms.

Disposing by the modern data base, wide technical knowledge, experienced personnel, developed connections with the suppliers, we can always offer the necessary to you part for quality repair work of any car from “Tavria” to “Ferrari”, from “Gazel” to “Scania”.

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