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Thrust (Axial) Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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Thrust (axial) cylindrical roller bearings can be perfectly used in supports, which accommodate very heavy axial loads, including shock loads, in the devices where the load capacity of thrust (axial) ball bearings is insufficient. Any radial load for thrust (axial) roller bearings is unacceptable. They permit neither angular misalignment nor misalignment between the shaft and the housing. Single thrust (axial) roller bearings accommodate only axial loads acting in one direction, and double thrust (axial) roller bearings can accommodate the axial loads acting in both directions.

As a rule, one of the bearing washers is produced tight to fit on the shaft; the others are loose to be installed in the housing. Usually thrust (axial) roller bearings are produced split, which simplifies their mounting, but for special applications they can have stamped protective shield, which makes the whole construction undetachable. To reduce the size of the bearing unit in the axial direction, it is possible to use the thrust bearing without one washer or without the washers at all, with the appropriate treatment of bearing accompanying components; or to use the needle thrust bearing washers.

Thrust (axial) cylindrical roller bearings are usually equipped with durable and strong cages of glass fibre reinforced polyamide or with machined brass or aluminum alloys cages.

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