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It is not possible to imagine any modern machine without the bearing, the functions of which consist in the significant reducing of friction between the rotating and stationary machine parts, on the one hand, and in the ability to carry the defined load, on the other hand. The seal also takes an important part; it protects the bearing from the external actions and keeps the bearing lubricated. Durability and reliability of any machine in a great measure depends on the right choice and quality of the applied bearings, seals and lubrication.

For its rather more than 100 years modern history (from the moment of the beginning of the first mass production in 1883 in Germany, which became possible due to the innovation of the balls grinding machine) the rolling bearing remains conservative and at the same time innovative part of the machines and mechanisms. Constant is the rolling bearing operation principle (the replacement of sliding friction by rolling friction) and the rolling bearing main parts composition (inner and outer rings, rolling elements and cage). At the same time, following the growing demand in all the industries, the new bearings constructions permanently appear; the applied materials, control technology and production engineering are being improved.

Nowadays they produce for various requirements thousands of bearings types different in sizes, design, used rolling elements, taken loads, rotation speeds, accuracy and many other parameters. The smallest bearings weight parts of grams and the biggest bearings weight tens of tons.

Having the modern data base, extensive technical knowledge, experienced personnel, widest products range at our own warehouse, developed connections with the suppliers we can offer you the best choice of the bearings and seals for your required application area.

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