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Deep Groove Ball Bearings

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Due to various application possibilities and relatively low prices, deep groove ball bearings are the most common out of all the variety of rolling bearings. They have simple design and ability to operate at high speed and moderate load. When operating, they do not practically need the maintenance. These bearings are able to accommodate both the radial loads and the axial loads in both directions.

Compared with other types of rolling bearings, deep groove ball bearings operate with minimal friction losses. The alignment of seats for these bearings shall be kept within such limits that the misalignment of the outer rings relatively to the inner rings was slight, even with the increased bearing clearance. The bearings shall be mounted on hard double-seat shafts which deflection under the influence of the external forces does not cause excessive misalignment of the shaft axis relatively to the mounting bore axis.

Deep groove ball bearings with protective metal shields or contact and contactless seals are widely distributed. They are used in the cases when due to the limited size or maintenance inconveniences, mounting of special sealing devices to protect the bearing from dirt or to keep the lubrication in is undesirable.

Deep groove ball bearings are usually fitted with the pressed steel cages. The bearings with more durable and strong cages made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide, which provide higher speed, low noise, less weight are produced recently. Bearings with the particular requirements, operating in special conditions, as well as large-size bearings, are produced with brass, aluminum alloys and other materials cages.

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