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Imported Spherical Plain Bearings. The New standard of the Accuracy and Durability

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Machine building and transport
We offer a wide range of the imported spherical plain bearings in accordance with the requirements of the standard ISO 12240-1:1998 “Spherical plain bearings — Part 1: Radial spherical plain bearings” being the analogues of spherical plain bearings of ШП, ШСП and ШСЛ types, manufactured by CIS bearing factories according to ТУ 37.553.130-90 “Spherical plain bearings with one and two outer ring fractures” to substitute spherical plain bearings of Ш and ШС types, earlier produced according to ГОСТ 3635-78 “Spherical plain bearings. Specifications”.

Spherical plain bearings of ШП, ШСП and ШСЛ types have completely identical boundary dimensions to the appropriate spherical plain bearings of Ш and ШС types, but they exceed their load capacities and durability. The design features of the bearings are availability of one (in case of ШП and ШСП) or two (in case of ШСЛ) outer ring fractures providing the assemblability of bearings during production and, as a consequence, the absence of the cylindrical ribs on the inner ring and of the loading slots on the outer ring, which increases the working sliding surface and provides the bearings mounting into the unit without the special rings orientation towards the applied load.

All of the offered by us spherical plain bearings correspond to the advanced “first” precison class and their rings are phosphated to increase the anticorrosion properties. We also offer the spherical plain bearings with the built in protective seals, the analogues of which are not produced by CIS bearing factories.

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