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Radial Spherical Roller Bearings

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As a rule radial spherical roller bearings have two rows of rollers with a common sphered raceway in the outer ring. They have higher radial load capacity compared to other types of bearings with equal dimensions and they are able to compensate significant misalignment and shaft deflections (up to 3°). They can also accommodate the combined radial and axial load. However, it is not recommended to operate them under heavy axial loads, because only one row of rollers will work in this case. Radial spherical roller bearings are used in the supports of pumps, powerful fans, smoke exhausts, saw frames, gears, propeller shafts, rolling mills and in the supports of other machines and mechanisms, which operate under heavy radial loads and inevitable misalignment of seats.

Bearings can be produced with both cylindrical and tapered bores in the inner rings. The latter are mounted on the tapered shaft neck or on adapter or withdrawal sleeve. Radial spherical roller bearings are usually mounted on the long shafts subjected to significant deflection, or in the supports of detached housings. The bearings with adapter sleeves are mounted on smooth multi-supporting shafts. As a rule bearings with tapered bore as well as bearings with withdrawal sleeves are mounted on the terminal supports of shaft or axis. The presence of tapered bore in the bearings considerably facilitates their mounting and dismounting.

Lately radial spherical roller bearings in a sealed version with contact seals on both sides are more often used for heavy-duty operation; and usually seals come out slightly the dimensions of the bearing side surface, which requires some extra space in the bearing unit.

Radial spherical roller bearings have pressed steel, glass fibre reinforced polyamide or machined brass cages.

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