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Insert Ball Bearings

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The bearings are designed on the basis of radial ball bearings standard series to jointly use with standardized cast or pressed housings in simple and economical bearing units. Due to their unique characteristics, they are widely used in agricultural machinery, construction equipment, conveyor systems, food processing lines and manufacturing packaging.

Outer ring of insert ball bearings have spherical surface, which allows them to compensate some shaft misalignment when installed in housing with the same spherical hole. Besides the usual design for interference fit, inner rings are available in several types, the main difference of which is in the ways of fixation on the shafts. The most popular is the design of internal rings with locking screws, with eccentric locking collar or with the adapter sleeve. At the same time the design of internal rings with square or hexagonal holes is also possible. Insert ball bearings are manufactured with the most different kinds of contact seals and rings coating for reliable protection of bearing from the various environmental influences.

Insert ball bearings are usually equipped with long-lasting and durable cages of glass fibre reinforced or pressed steel cages for using at high temperatures.

Standardized bearing housings have a lot of designs and can be supplied including the bearings, or without them.

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