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Track Rollers

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The special feature of the track rollers is a thick-walled outer ring, which is not intended to be installed into the housing and the outside surface of which is designed to be rolled directly onto the guide way. Track rollers are especially used in the eccentric, cam gear and leverage mechanisms and also as piloting, templet-controlled and pressing supports of various devices.

To eliminate edge tension having the angular error in the place of contact with the conjugated component, the surface of the outer ring can be sphered with the large radius of sphere, and for the special applications it can be with the formed surface of the outer ring. According to the design of the rolling elements and raceways as well as of the cage, the track rollers repeat the reliable designs of deep groove ball bearings, double row angular contact ball bearings, radial needle roller bearings, radial cylindrical roller bearings and double row angular contact tapered roller bearings. To simplify mounting, the track rollers can be produced with the finger (having thread or other fixing elements) instead of the inner ring. Track rollers can be supplied with the protective shields or contact seals, and without them.

For the extra heavy loads, track rollers can be produced without the cage, with the maximum number of rolling elements.

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